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Live online Learning

Live online Learning

The pandemic has caused major disruptions in education, but there’s concern that those disruptions may hit the nearly 7 million students with learning differences in public schools particularly hard.

At Laurel, we value personal relationships between students and teachers and we’ll ensure that no connection is lost with online learning.

    LIVE at Laurel's Remote Education

    Laurel’s remote education is offered in both full and half day sessions.  Remote students are brought into our classrooms via “live” feed and are encouraged to actively participate in Laurel’s educational programs.  Our programs start with a skills assessment.  Classroom sizes are kept small, typical numbering fewer than six total students.  This allows our students, weather off or on campus, to benefit from individualized instruction adapted to their needs. 

We use technology, both in your home, and in our classrooms, to produce a more “lifelike”, “in person” learning experience.  Our teachers are certified and trained in Wilson & Orton Gillingham literacy methods.  Our curriculum is designed to accelerate reading and writing competency by emphasizing developing these skills throughout our subject offerings, not just in language arts.  We provide tutoring and other forms of academic assistance.  Our goal is to have each student fulfill their academic potential independently of whether they are off or on campus. 

    Enrolling For The 21-22 School Year.

    The Laurel School of Princeton’s remote school students benefit from our research-based, multisensory approach to education. Our curriculum emphasizes teaching students with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHA and those with difficulty organizing daily activities. Our experienced, and certified facility provides individualized instruction and additional educational support as needed. Multiple subjects within our core curriculum of language arts, math, science and social studies are less focused on memorization; but rather, emphasize skill development in reading, writing and verbal communication. By paying close attention to areas where students may encounter difficulty, we seek to turn weakness into strength.

    We are always accepting applications from intellectually curious and creative children who learn differently.

    2021-2022 tuition is $26,500 for non-district private pay.

    Benefits of LIVE at Laurel

    Benefits of LIVE at Laurel








    Live Online Learning

    Now enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Laurel’s remote education is offered in both full and half
    day sessions.

    Live Classes

    Live Classes
    • Freedom to learn from anywhere
    • Multiple courses available at your convenience
    • Small class sizes promote learning
    • Time allocated to get to know your classmates
    • Latest technologies simulate being in class

    Our Curriculum

    Our Curriculum
    • Research based literacy programs
    • Reading, writing and verbal skills embedded throughout our curriculum
    • Standards based core curriculum 
    • Emphasis on organizational skill development
    • Full and half day options
    • Flexibility to personalize your leaning experience
    • Supportive speech therapy and tutoring 
    • Proficiency based advanced subject offered 

    Our skilled and certified teachers will ensure that relationships
    are at the core of the online learning experience.