An online school for children in grades 5-10, who need a non-traditional approach to schooling or who have learning differences...with the benefits of studying anywhere in the world. Learn more

Online Learning


Laurel School of Princeton is a recognized leader in educating students with learning differences. When the pandemic hit, we pivoted to hybrid model of educating students. Live at Laurel ensured that our community remained safe and healthy — some students learned online, while others learned in person. Our hybrid philosophy met families where they needed their children to learn.

In 2022, we continue teaching virtually for students who need a non-traditional school for scheduling reasons (sports, arts, in-person), and who may struggle with learning differences, such as dyslexia and challenges that include ADHD, executive functioning, and pandemic-induced trauma.

Students with language-based learning differences have a history of feeling failure and frustration, often struggling with performance anxiety at school. Live at Laurel students will benefit from the evidence-based, structured literacy approach to teaching that is used at the Laurel School of Princeton. Our curriculum emphasizes teaching students with dyslexia, ADHD, those with difficulty organizing daily activities, and students with challenging work and training schedules. We can help!

We value personal relationships between students and teachers, and we work tirelessly to nurture these relationships with social-emotional connections that help our students flourish.

Why Live at Laurel?

There are unique benefits to attending school online, including the ability to manage schedules in a way that works for each family’s needs. Live at Laurel will offer half-day sessions for grades 5-10. Flexible options for families who are juggling multiple priorities that do not necessarily align with traditional schools will be offered. We understand the challenges that families have today, so we have designed an online education using a tailored approach that focuses on each student. We are a small school with a big heart. That is why students at the Laurel School of Princeton succeed.

Live at Laurel students will benefit from an individualized, competency-based model that includes performance tasks and personal learning plans that meet the needs of today’s busy students. We base our programs on the newest educational guidelines, as well as our proprietary standards, and incorporate Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Language® instruction and techniques throughout. Built into each student’s schedule are tutoring and counseling when needed and other forms of academic assistance.

Finally, a program that meets students and families where they are and need to be.

Our teaching will emphasize the development of skills through the joys of learning, and by making education fun and inspiring. For example, students in grades 5-6 may take a course called Exploration + Comprehension, which is similar to English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies, or Engaging Inquiry + Innovation, a variation of Science and Technology, which enables students to be innovative and inquisitive. Upper School students develop a sense of independence in Problem-Solving + Inspiration, which is a more experiential approach than independent study. Online students will be able to drop into advisory or schedule tutoring time during ColLABoration where the world is their laboratory and the expectations are collaborative.


  • Learning from ANYWHERE
  • Allocating time for BRAIN BREAKS that help students rest
  • Knowing your classmates and BUILDING COMMUNITY
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIES to model a classroom setting


  • Evidence-based, structured LITERACY PROGRAMS
  • The benefits of WILSON LEARNING
  • Trained teachers who specialize in SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL SUPPORT
Science Experiment with a Live at Laurel Teacher